Monday, February 8, 2016

Family Saturday

 Saturday was a wonderful day for our family. I started out the day with scripture study and prayer- something I've been trying to do in the mornings more consistently. I love the confidence it gives me to feel like I'm facing my day with the right perspective, and it's so nice to not have it looming over my head when evening comes. After my study I blogged while the kids got up, ate some cereal, and watched a show together.
Around 9 we all made our way out to breakfast at a little local hole in the wall place for breakfast. It was fun and good. The kids loved that the place had little coin machines filled with toys, and Ellie was so glad she had brought her money. She even shared two of her quarters with Lorenzo! Win! After breakfast we drove to Skyline Trail which is about 5 minutes from our house and hiked around for about an hour. It was an insanely beautiful February day, and the mountains and hillsides by us are so vibrantly green. I forget how much I love January and February here in Southern California. It was sunny and warm, and the perfect day to spend time outside. When we got home the kids jumped on the tramp in their swimming suits with the sprinkler on for a few minutes, and then BJ, Lorenzo, and I napped while Ellie had quiet time.
 When I woke up from my nap, I ran to the gym for a quick workout, and then to Sprouts for some ingredients I needed for Sunday. Then I came home we got ready to go to Daryl and Joanna's for dinner to celebrate Daryl's birthday.  Daryl and Joanna have become some of our dearest friends. We are so sad they're moving this summer, but glad they'll be in Utah so we can realistically see them still. Conversation is always fun and easy with Daryl and Joanna. When we got home we each put a kid to bed and BJ went to sleep early. I listened to podcasts while I baked cookies for Sunday dinner. It was a beautiful, full day together as a family.

**Disclaimer: I know Lorenzo's forehead looks awful! It basically always does. He's an active boy, and he's very clumsy. Just like his dad was. He seriously needs to wear a helmet!

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