Saturday, June 25, 2016

I Wish We Could Do This All the Time

  We have my niece and nephew staying with us this weekend, so we've got Ellie- 5, Carter- 3, Lorenzo- 2 (almost 3), and Naomi- 1. Yesterday after the three younger kids woke up from their naps, the boys were playing downstairs, and Ellie, Naomi and I were sitting on the floor in my room. Naomi was cuddled into my side, and Ellie sat across from us. We chatted about what Ellie did while everyone else was sleeping, played peek-a-boo and patty cake with Naomi, and just hung out and talked. After a while of sitting there Ellie said, "I wish we could do this all the time".

  Since we weren't doing much, I think the "this" Ellie was referring to was the good feeling of just being together. We were there, paying attention to each other, and enjoying the company.  Maybe it felt special because it was all girls, and Ellie is a girl's girl. Her observation of the feeling there was something tender to me. It is something rare these days to have time together with people you love and to really do nothing but be together. Those times of stillness often seem to prompt us to reach for our phone or to at least say or think, "Ok, now what do we do?" We're so often looking to be entertained. I loved Ellie's connection to that moment, and it makes me as her mother want to create more moments like that for her and my family.
  Last night after getting all four kids in bed, BJ and I each took a blanket and a glass of ice water outside and sat and talked while James Bay radio played quietly in the background. It was another one of those togetherness moments. It's so easy to be together without really being together. Here's to trying my (our) best to have moments each day that include nothing but being with the people we love.
  I love you tremendously, Ellie Layne. I'm glad your heart is sensitive to the things in life that are truly good and doing.

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