Friday, February 26, 2016

Ellie's First Time Skiing

   A few weeks ago when my dad was in town for business we met up for dinner and he mentioned that if we could make it to Utah this winter that he would love to take Ellie skiing for her first time. We couldn't pass him up on the opportunity!

We got to Sundance early so we could get Ellie registered for ski school and rent her skis. We had some time to kill before ski school started, so we went to The Grill Room for some breakfast and HOT CHOCOLATE! Few things make my children happier than hot chocolate. Ellie looks really calm in this picture, but she was actually dancing all over, and as happy and energetic as could be. I couldn't stop taking snap chat videos of her all day long.
I took so many videos of Ellie that day that I didn't get very many pictures. Here she is right after ski school. She did great! She even got some "magic snow" in a ziplock bag that had a fun surprise ring inside it!
When ski school was over we ate lunch in The Grill Room with Kennedy, Tatum, Ashton, Dustin, Grandpa, Donny, Tate, and Jude. Then we did a few more runs all together. We probably should have called it quits after one or two runs. Ellie was on fire, but got pretty teary on the last run!
  Thanks Grandpa for making Ellie's first day of skiing an experience that will be hard to beat!
Here's a video of Ellie and Donny together. Makes my heart soooo happy.
 And one last video. We were shocked by how fearless Ellie was cruising down the mountain. She was full speed ahead shaking her hands, singing "I'm skiing down the mountain"!!! at the top of her lungs, and eating snow off her gloves.

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  1. What a teriffic day to be skiing with with my family at one of my favorite places on earth! Ellie is a little girl with a BIG personality and that was very apparent on the slopes. She is fearless! Let's do I again next year!