Saturday, January 7, 2017

Tired and Happy

  So far, my experience with having 3 children is this: I am really, really, happy, content, and grateful. And I am really, really, tired, scatter brained, frazzled, and tired again. I have seriously never known exhaustion like this. I have been tired for two and a half months now, and each day just compounds on top of the last. I hit a wall in the evenings like I've never felt before. I will literally start to get dizzy and not be able to focus my eyes well because I'm so tired. Then, as luck would have it, when I finally lay down, I often can't sleep cause I've got that ticking list of things I need to do, things I've forgotten or nearly forgotten, and things that I should be doing. Mentally and physically I am TIRED, but I feel emotionally and spiritually filled up and that it what is sustaining me right now. In my experience, suffering emotionally and spiritually is the most taxing thing for me, and not something that's easy or enjoyable to trudge through. It can be hard to stay hopeful when your emotions are out of whack. For now, I'm really happy, and really tired.
This was taken yesterday just after I had had my IUD inserted. Oliver and I ran to Anthropologie at the Spectrum to make a few returns and buy a new planner for 2017 to get my life together! Love that ferris wheel where it all started. Just fine with the fact that my face is blurred out- my blood-shot eyes and air dried hair....proof that I'm a tired and haggard mom of 3... but I'm happy!

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