Friday, December 23, 2016

2015 in Review: Part 1

I started blogging in 2010- right at the beginning of my pregnancy with Ellie. I loved it right away, and blogged consistently for about a year and a half. Then my laptop broke. And then my camera got stolen, and over the years even though I have wanted to blog all along, I have been pitifully inconsistent. So as the year comes to a close and my thoughts are reflective, I want to do a little recap of the last few years for my memory keeping's sake. Here is a brief run-down of our 2015:

Rang in the New Year with my family at my sister Katie's house. I was delighted when Lorenzo fell asleep on me.
Designated our family theme for the year, and had a little feast along with it. (In our pajamas). I can't remember what the theme was for this year. Ha!

Went to Las Vegas with BJ for soccer. Ellie thought it was the most beautiful place she'd ever seen. :) The kids loved the thrill of staying in a hotel. BJ rode in a limo with his soccer girls.
Took Ellie to LA with me for Rebbie Groesbeck's wedding. She loved the one on one time and the dancing!

Kept doing Strands stuff- and Megan ready to deliver baby Winnie!

After meeting her a few months previously, Nicole Thompson and I started hanging out and connected instantly. She then introduced me to so many new friends. 2015 was the year of friends for me, and Corona officially felt like home then.


Jess, Dustin, and the two younger Rogers girls came to visit during Tana and Kenne's cheer competition. I LOVE when my family visits!
Had to include this picture of Jenny because she is just such a dear friend that I spent a lot of time with this year! (Not specific to March).

Easter! ...was actually horrible this year, but the kids looked adorable!

We travel to Lancaster with BJ for a soccer tournament and Lorenzo falls and splits his head open in the hotel room, goes to the Emergency Room, and gets 7 stitches.

BJ and I get to take photos with Amelia Lyon and these are two of my favorites from the shoot.

We go to Utah for a visit and get to tour the breathtaking new Payson Temple.


While visiting in Utah, we went to the carnival at Edgemont Elementary. The kids rode this train, Ellie rode a horse, and won a fish that made it all the way back in a cup of water from Utah to California.
 We cheer Nashy on in one of his games! Lorenzo is enamored.
 We watch Carter for a couple days after Dani Bree had Naomi.
Ellie learns to "rollerskate". I really need the laughing/crying emoji here!

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