Saturday, June 18, 2016

Happy Father's Day

  To BJ:

  Some nights I go to sleep feeling a bit chewed up and spit out. Tired after a full day with the kids, household obligations, errand running, responsibilities, and time with friends.  Then there are those unexpected, rare nights that seem to sweep me off their feet with their goodness. I feel overwhelmed with gratitude and sometimes I cry because God is just so good and things feel so right. About a month or so ago I was having one of those kinds of nights and I realized all at once that at the heart of all of my great, present day joy was you. Right alongside God, and His infinite goodness and grace was you, diligently working day in and out to be the facilitator of my hopes and dreams. The way you treat me with love and respect enables me to flourish on a daily basis. You gave me our children that are the center of my world, and have been the fulfillment of a lifetime of dreams for me. You brought me here to Southern California, a place that I love- a place that has afforded me some of my life's best friends and experiences.Your hard work that has provided us this home, this comfortable lifestyle that allows me to cook and decorate and keep a house in a way that is so deeply gratifying to me, and have experiences together that create memories and enrich our lives. You lead our home in love and righteousness in partnership with our Savior and His will. You are worthy and fighting to do and be good and noble every day.

It impressed me today how we carry our childhood with us forever. Together we are creating this childhood for our children that I know feels safe and happy and special. You fill all of our lives with a feeling of safety, security, comfort, love, and fun. We love when you are home with us, and even when you are away we feel your love and influence. 

We hope you know how loved you are. Happy Father's day. You are one of a kind. We love you,

Ellery, Ellie, and Lorenzo

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