Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Ellie's First Dance Recital

  Ellie had her first dance recital a couple of weeks ago. Her feelings for dance had been all over the board in the 5 months she was enrolled and I kept telling her she needed to at least dance in her recital, and then if she didn't want to do it any more she didn't have to. We were so pleasantly surprised that on the day of the dress rehearsal and the day of the recital she wasn't nervous at all. She was completely enthusiastic, optimistic, and excited.

She loved her dress rehearsal and was over the moon with giddiness on the day of the performance. She came out on the stage and smiled the whole time. She remembered all of her dances, and did great. Lorenzo was her biggest fan cheering her name, yelling, and clapping during her dances. Sweetheart and Papa also came to watch. Such a fun first for our family!

The evening of the performance I took my friend Joanna to a cooking class because she was moving to Utah, so we all hurried to Yogurtland together to celebrate, and then BJ slept with the kiddos on the tramp. They made it till 3 in the morning out there before it got too cold. Now Ellie says she wants to dance in the fall too. Since then she has volunteered to give the scripture and prayer in Primary on her own, and she was sooo excited to sing in Sacrament Meeting on Father's Day. Looks like we've got a performer in the family!

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