Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Summer Thoughts

  Although we're only a couple weeks in, summer feels like its in full swing. Going on a vacation to Florida the week before Memorial Day, then spending 5 warm days in Utah, and now having been swimming every day this week, our sun kissed skin and happily worn out bodies are testaments each night of the fun-filled days we've been having. Eating lots of produce, and the occasional ice cream cone are also nods to the hot summer days we all love.
  Now that I'm 22 weeks along and feeling much better than before (I actually feel like myself again!), I can't help but feel like I'm swelling with a renewed appreciation for life and all its simple pleasures. In spite of summer's laid-back mentality; well displayed in my one summer goal of swimming as many days of the week as possible, I came across a quote today that has me thinking about the choices I'm making and the path of my life right now and where it's leading me.

"There is great power in pondering about the expectations we have for our lives. We become what we expect to become. I invite each of you to pause for a moment today and ponder about your expectations. Interview yourself. You may ask questions such as:
What am I expecting to accomplish in my life? What am I expecting ultimately to become? What am I doing that I shouldn't be doing? Are the things I'm doing today going to lead me to accomplish the expectations I have for my life? What does the Lord expect of me in my future?
I would suggest that you sit and think quietly about what you want to accomplish in your lifetime. Make a realistic and clear list of your expectations. Then make a plan for how to fulfill those expectations." -M. Russell Ballard

  Do you love that? Does that get you excited, or does it overwhelm you? I'm a natural born dreamer/ponderer. I am romantic, and poetic and I love to lose myself in thoughts like these. Ultimately, my expectations for my life are simple, and mighty. I don't feel the need to do or see it all, but I want to make my corner of the world better. I want to spread gladness and beauty and comfort and love to those within my sphere of influence. I want to be deliberate at home- making things with my hands and my heart that bring beauty, consistency, and splendor to the lives of my husband, children and friends. I want to live simply- to really focus on the things that matter to me: my faith, my husband, my children, my family and friends, service to others, learning, and creating a beautiful, welcoming, and safe environment for those people I love. I want to ultimately become someone that leaves an indelible legacy behind- a woman of faith and kindness. Someone that served that and that was fearlessly committed to living a life that she felt was right. I want to teach my children. I want to teach them to live by faith and to listen to the Spirit. To live right because they love God. I want to teach them to love to learn and to expect a lot out of themselves in school.  I want to read and foster children who love to read. I want to be healthy and help my family be healthy and active. I want to learn and teach my children how to be genuinely empathetic- to be excited for other people's successes.

  One of the questions was, "Are the things I'm doing today going to lead me to accomplish the expectations I have for my life?" This question motivated me to get on the computer and blog tonight. I love to write. I really want to write a book one day. Right now I think it would fall into the style of book that reads like a journal. Books like Bread and Wine, A Homemade Life, and Girlfriends Forever. I would cover different topics, most likely revolving around home and family. Maybe some insights on gardening, cooking, recipes, decorating, and general good living and inspiration. I sometimes realize that it's not going to be easy to whip that book out one day if I'm not practicing along the way. I've had a handful of spiritual promptings over the past few years to encourage me to blog, and now that I'm feeling well again, and now that I have a beautiful, new laptop of my own, I simply have to make time in my life for this outlet that I love so much. The kitchen to clean and the floors to vacuum and mop are waiting for me, but I know that if even just for myself, this writing is important.
  "What does the Lord expect of me in my future?" This question seems hard to answer as I'm not the one directly answering the question. I would hope and assume that if I'm on His path and doing the things I know are right, and if I couple that with sincere prayer and listening to the Spirit I know that I will be doing what the Lord expects of me. So I guess that ultimately the Lord expects me to continue on, trying my best, while doing the things he directs me to do.

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